Investigation Services

Finding relevant material:

OSINT – Open Source Intelligence
SOCMINT – Social Media Intelligence

Our analysts are trained in advanced OSINT and SOCMINT techniques and equipped with state of the art technology and data services to find Electronically Stored Information (“ESI” or data) relevant to our investigations.   

Forensic collection and preservation:

Specialised tools: Software and methodologies used by certified analysts meet key standards such as US FRE 902 (13) and (14) to ensure that work product is admissible.  

Automation: Key tasks and stages of collection such as auto-expansion of comments, automated scrolling and use of APIs where available to ensure completeness of collections and that context is demonstrable by having key items supported full threads of related posts.

Authentication: Methods used for social or messaging are included in collections; those variously show account access as non-connected (public), friended, followed or custodian authentication.  This is important to be able to demonstrate lawful or ethical access to ESI.

Contemporaneous collection and preservation: Search results are collected and preserved to show evidence of rigour. Search results and context are preserved as part of collections for future analysis should concepts of relevance evolve over the life of a matter. 

Logging of collections: All data is logged and can be described in case reports showing time and item counts. This allows reconciliation of collections to meet privacy or other compliance and discovery obligations.

Specialised tools: Difficult tasks such as collection of high resolution versions of videos can be addressed using a portfolio of specialised tools and methods.


Collections of ESI can be reviewed as PDFs or in raw through review tools such as Relativity.

Our Data Centres:

Our solutions are hosted in secure data centres with very high levels of physical and virtual security.

Applications and data are monitored on a 24 x 7 basis with full alerting to the technical consultants responsible for managing our applications.

Data Storage:

Our application systems and client data are stored on commercial grade storage with documented recovery time objectives and the ability to “roll forward and roll-back” in time for dedicated client instances of our applications. All data is encrypted and logged.

Backup, Archive & Disaster Recovery:

All services have sophisticated daily backup, weekly and monthly archive facilities where application and user data are stored on remote off-site locations.

Help and Support:

Our standard offering is to offer help and support services by web and email. 

Premium telephone support or online consultation is available outside of those hours for a fee of $80 per ten minute block.